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Our Expertise and Mission

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The people and belongings that you care most about are same ones that we care most about. Our mission is to share our expertise in security to keep them safe. As our name boldly claims, we are experts in security and surveillance. We have built up this knowledge from decades of personal and professional experience.

We fully understand the world we live in today, and know how important it is not to leave the security of your loved ones and belongings up to chance. Having to pick up life after the trauma of a break-in or theft is hard, emotionally and financially. It’s much easier to help prevent this from happening. It’s always better to be safe. We specialize in the installation of leading surveillance and monitoring system technology.

Integrating your home or office with motion-sensor camera systems, alarms, and audio surveillance is fundamental to your security. Your security system needs to be user friendly and convenient for you as well; simple controls, complete access from your phone, and more. It’s what we rely on for our families and offices, and we recommend nothing less for you. This is our mission. To use this expertise and knowledge to help others prevent the pain and loss that can come from the loss of property and safety. We know that pain all too well, and we will share all of our tools to keep you secure.

Our goal is to help you feel protected at home or at work.

Our Core Values

We do not believe in cutting corners. Our company revolves around the following core values:

A breech in trust was the crisis that inspired our company. Honesty and transparency are what we value most in our relationship with you.
We love technology. This perfectly comes together with your need to keep your property and loved ones safe.
With our deep understanding of surveillance, security, electricical installation, and technology we guarantee effective, clean, and impressive results.

The story behind Expert Security Systems

Our founder and president Marin Bulat experienced a personal trauma which fueled
a passion to help others feel protected in their homes and at work.