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Where Expert Security Systems Came From

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My name is Marin Bulat. In 2011 I immigrated to Canada with my family. We were overjoyed and felt so blessed to make our new home in such a safe and prosperous country. We moved into a house in the GTA, but sadly two weeks after moving in, our home was broken into. Never expecting something like that to occur, we were devastated. I quickly realized that even here bad things can happen. It is just a fact of life. The financial loss combined with the psychological trauma of having our home invaded sent us reeling. I became determined to do whatever was required to protect my family and prevent this from ever happening again. I went to work researching the best technology and solutions for protecting and monitoring my home. Expert Security Systems was born out of that endeavour.

It dawned on me that we weren’t alone in experiencing this pain as so many others in the GTA have been victims of break-ins. Knowing first-hand what it’s like to go through this I felt burdened to help others prevent disaster with the knowledge and skills I had gained. Since launching my company it has been my joy getting to know many, many people across the GTA and helping them to secure and protect their homes, businesses, and families. If you would like to know more about how you can also enhance your security, please give me a call.

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